Social Media Superheroes

What if social media were superheroes? Who would be the Silversurfer, Rogue or Spiderman of social media?

In this prezi, you will find an overview of the main social media platforms for freelancers and small businesses, a few facts, figures, trends, free tools for managing, monitoring and evaluating your social media work, tips, tricks, to do lists based on best practice and years of experience in the field.


WiredSussex invited Kati Byrne of Developing Dreams to present this talk at one of their Breakfast sessions focused on freelancing on 1st September 2016. Here is a scribble and sketchnotes from the fantastic M.I.Scribe, which is a small visual communication company that uses images and scribbles to explore group dynamics and connect people.

Wired Sussex breakfast session on freelancing
Wired Sussex breakfast session scribble by @M.I.Scribe

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