Digital PR and the world of blue sky thinking

If you had a limited budget for marketing and PR (public relations), would you hire someone with a background in marketing, PR, social media, SEO (search engine optimisation), or digital communications? The lines between all of these disciplines are becoming more and more blurred with PR professionals being expected to be experts in social media, and digital communications managers to know everything there is to know in the world of digital… 

What all of these communications disciplines have in common is that they depend on engaging content, something that makes a good story. With Google cracking down on paid for content and advertorials, genuine news is becoming more and more important and if you don’t have any breaking news then you have to create something novel that makes a good story. That’s what PR peeps are good at and that’s where blue sky thinking comes in handy.

This prezi is all about the what, who, where, why and how of digital PR!

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