Developing Dreams to Break the Mould

We are getting very excited about Break the Mould, our interactive 3D printing installation. We have been working with Brighton based Italian artist Emilia Telese and tech wizards 3Dify on this.

People will be invited to walk into a 3D body scanner in the shape of a giant woman’s body to get scanned and get a small sculpture of themselves printed. The installation will make its debut at the Brighton Maker Faire on 7 September and will be on tour during the Brighton Digital Festival:

  • Corn Exchange (7 September main exhibition)
  • Jubilee Library (9 – 22 September)
  • Clearleft at 68 Middle Street (25 – 29 September)
  • Mad Hatter Cafe (30 September – 4 October)
Break the Mould
Break the Mould by Emilia Telese

Emilia Telese, who designed the sculpture for the installation, said: “3D printers are very mechanical and impersonal. I wanted to add something feminine to a male dominated world such as the technology industry, which is where the idea of motherhood came from. Getting a little  sculpture of yourself is like giving birth to a little you. I hope this installation will help make 3D printers more human and accessible.”

Kati Byrne, co-founder of Developing Dreams, said: “Break the Mould will give people the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in this exciting, disruptive and empowering new technology, which has the potential to change the way we create, consume, and recycle everyday objects and pieces of art. Many people have heard about 3D printing, but only a few have seen it in action. We would like to change this and give people the opportunity to experience it and be part of the 3D printing revolution.”

3D printing revolution or evolution? – presentation and debate at:

Cafe Scientifique Brighton – 17th September at 7:30pm, The Latest Music Bar, Manchester St, Brighton BN2 1TF, food is available; come at 7pm to eat (tel 687171)

Pecha Kucha Night Brighton – 18th September at 8pm, The Old Market, Upper Market Street, Hove, BN3 1AS

Special thanks go to:

To make this work, we have partnered with Faberdashery, a fine supplier of high quality source materials and consultancy for 3D printing; Ultimaker, a leading manufacturer of desktop 3D printers;  iMakr, the world’s largest 3D printing store in London; Sussex Fibreglass and PlasticsMCR print providing information panels and promotional materials for the installation; Nikki Gunson who waved her magic willow wand over the giant sculpture, and film maker Sarita Frit.

The nice people at the FuseBox, run by WiredSussex, have agreed to help us out with sharing some of their great space, because that’s the one thing we are lacking in our office…

Break the Mould is also supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Emilia Telese, known for her Rice Pavilion, an installation of the Royal Pavilion made out of rice in collaboration with the Edible Construction Company, has exhibited worldwide at the 51st Venice Biennale, Tate Britain, Royal Festival Hall, and the Louvre to name just a few.


Here is a short film made by Sarita Frit:

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  1. Been there, done that. Great and unique experience. Got me a whole new perspective of my body. Not sure where I’m gonna go from here :-)

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