3D printing on the moon and beyond

To take one pound of equipment into outer space costs around $10,000, according to Autodesk’s director of strategic research. It doesn’t take an accountant to figure out why governments are already ploughing swathes of cash into researching the application of 3D printing in a zero gravity environment.

WebGL: Another weapon in the 3D printing revolution

Browser-based 3D is taking a giant leap forward thanks to a technology called WebGL. It isn’t fully supported by Internet Explorer or Apple ios yet (though jailbreakers on ios have ways¬†and there is reportedly an Apple¬†hack). But if you are reading this on a mac or pc using a recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari then slip your […]

3d Printing a Brave New World

Imagine if after an earthquake you could airdrop machines that build houses in under a day. Imagine if you had cheap and accessible medical kits that could produce bespoke medicine on demand. Imagine if you could fabricate shoes, clothes, solar cells, lamps, toilets, pipes, water pumps, and just about anything else on site and at the touch of a button. […]