Brighton Mini Maker Faire is taking a break in 2016

Brighton Mini Maker Faire
Brighton Mini Maker Faire. Photograph: Kati Byrne / Developing Dreams

There are no plans to hold a Brighton Mini Maker Faire in 2016!

Can we cope with this? The best event in Brighton’s calendar is taking a break!

Developing Dreams team members have been part of the Brighton Maker Faire organising team running the marketing, PR and social media campaigns, and recruiting speakers for debates and talks.

We hope that you have had as much of a blast at Brighton Mini Maker Faire as we have had over the past few years and hold those fingers crossed that it will happen again. There are other Maker Faires or similar events which happen around the country to help you cope with withdrawal effects from the Brighton faire not happening, many of which you can find here, or even start your own.

Andrew Sleigh, co-founder of the Brighton Mini Maker Faire, said: “We’ve been putting on events every year since 2011, and had an amazing time in the process. We’ve met many inspirational makers, seen some incredible projects, and learned about everything from crochet to welding…”

“However, putting on the event is also a mammoth task, and meanwhile life goes on. Members of the project team have been busy getting new jobs, having babies, putting on other events, starting businesses, doing PhDs, and making radio shows. Fitting in an event of this scale around other commitments, is not something we can do sustainably in the long term.”

“So it is with heavy hearts, but also some relief, that we’re taking a break. We don’t know how long for, but certainly while we put some energy into other things.”


What is Brighton Mini Maker Faire?

An interactive family friendly celebration of creativity and invention where technology meets crafts and arts.

Part of a growing global Maker Movement.

The first and biggest ‘Mini’ Maker Faire in the UK that has inspired 12,000 visitors with 500 maker projects and workshops over the past five years.

“Flagship event of the Brighton Digital Festival” ITV News

An inspiring day filled with the most amazing inventions, latest projects, products and workshops from the crafts, arts, technology and maker community in the UK.

In the past few years we have had roaming Daleks, robots, DIY musical instruments, 3D body scanning and 3D printing, mad science lab, a retro computer museum, Virtual Reality demos…

Many projects and prototypes are presented by makers or technology startups to the public for the first time.

Thanks to everyone who has made the Brighton Mini Maker Faire experience such a memorable event!

Would you like to see Brighton Mini Maker Faire happen again?

read full blog post from Andrew Sleigh

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