The Business and Pleasure Summit – 3D Printing Revolution or Evolution?


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Kati Byrne from Developing Dreams was presenting at the Business and Pleasure Summit in Brighton on the current state of 3D printing and a glimpse into the future.

The presentation was fantastic, very insightful and thought-provoking, despite internet access going down. Thanks to all those who attended.

Here is the presentation (including the videos). Click the icon bottom right to view it in full screen.

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5 thoughts on “The Business and Pleasure Summit – 3D Printing Revolution or Evolution?

  1. Are you capable to guide us in your website owner or perhaps the man that takes care of your blog post, I would like to determine it could be very easy to certainly be a guests poster.

    1. Hiya, we would welcome guest blogs if the content relates to the subjects we write about, is newsworthy, and is written in a light-hearted and engaging style. Thanks for asking!

  2. This just clarifies what I believe about 3D printing. The amount of uses that can be achieved with using a 3D printer along with the benefits makes this technology a must have.

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