Get a mini sculpture of yourself at 3Dify pop up shop @BOXPARK Shoreditch

3Dify, one of “Brighton’s leading tech startups”[1], are bringing 3D body scanning and 3D printing to @BOXPARK Shoreditch from 20th to 26th October.

3Dify mini sculptures
3D printed mini sculptures on Brighton beach

3Dify capture a 360-degree image of a person and use the data to create a miniature 3D printed sculpture. An average scan takes approximately one minute, during which time the participant has to remain still. The company has scanned and printed individuals, couples, families, celebrities, and company teams. From a comedian in a bear suit to a young ballerina each scan and 3D print is as unique as the person.

The white 3D printed mini figures are personal pieces of art that capture a moment in your life in an innovative way. Prints make ideal gifts for friends or family or bespoke wedding cake toppers.

Booking is essential. You can make a booking and find out more about 3Dify on

A scan and 8cm white nylon 3D printed figure costs £35 including P+P. A copy of the scan data can be transferred via online file transfer for an additional £5. Due to the nature of the 3D printing process, figures will not be available immediately but will be delivered via post. Multiple prints are available upon request.

3Dify co-founder Ian Byrne said: “We want to make 3D body scanning interesting and affordable. It is always intriguing to see what people bring to the process, some come in costume, bring favourite toys, musical instruments, skateboards, or simply dress for the occasion. Being able to see yourself in 3D is still a novel experience for the majority of people.”

At this year’s Tech4good awards, 3Dify scanned and 3D printed Paralympic Games gold medalist Hannah Cockroft MBE and TV presenter Mariella Frostrup.

The 3Dify pop up shop @BOXPARK Shoreditch will also feature demonstrations of open source 3D desktop printers Ultimaker. All figures ordered will be printed on high quality industrial 3D printing machines.

Last year, 3Dify built a proof of concept 3D body scanner for the art installation Break the Mould, which was one of the Brighton Digital Festival highlights and featured BBC Click, BBC TV South East, ITV Meridian, The Guardian tech podcast, The Observer Tech Monthly, regional newspapers and trade media.

This year, the company has been working on a new body scanning system, and has secured a grant from the UK’s innovations agency, Technology Strategy Board, to co-fund a proof of concept for a 3D Body Scanning Booth.

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[1] 3Dify was featured in The Observer Tech Monthly as one of “Brighton’s leading tech startups” in January 2014

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