Call to makers and creators for Brighton Maker Faire

Maker Submissions for the 2014 Brighton Mini Maker Faire are now open! The deadline for applications is 9th of June. This year’s Maker Faire will be on Saturday the 6th of September at the Brighton Dome Corn Exchange. Developing Dreams is excited to be involved again in the biggest interactive festival of creativity and invention in the South of England.

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Social Media Survival Kit

In this prezi, you will find an overview of the main social media platforms for freelancers and small businesses:

  • what if social media were superheroes?
  • facts, figures, trends,
  • free tools for managing, monitoring and evaluating you social media efforts,
  • tips, tricks, to do lists for your profiles

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Is 3D printing the new manufacturing revolution or evolution for the digital age?

With all the media hype around 3D printing over the past couple of years there is no way of escaping the wonders of this old yet new and emerging technology. It’s not new because it’s been around for more than 30 years, but it has become more affordable and more accessible in recent years thanks the Open Source movement, the crowd-funding revolution, and lots of clever geeks.

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3D printers in offices: a must have or a nice to have?

The hype and excitement around 3D printing hasn’t slowed down in the past few years and it’s not showing signs of easing off anytime soon. Some experts say that every household will have a desktop 3D printer in the next ten years. But before they end up in everyone’s home, we will probably see these machines in 3D printing shops, cafes, and offices.

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The race is on to get 3D printers into schools

Ultimaker’s open source and MakerBot’s closed source 3D printers are making their way into schools.

Ultimaker’s CREATE initiative in UK schools

Ultimaker GB is launching 3D printing school initiative CREATE at the Education Innovation Conference in February 2014 with the aim to get a 3D printer in every UK school.

3D printers

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