Is 3D printing the new manufacturing revolution or evolution for the digital age?

With all the media hype around 3D printing over the past couple of years there is no way of escaping the wonders of this old yet new and emerging technology. It’s not new because it’s been around for more than 30 years, but it has become more affordable and more accessible in recent years thanks the Open Source movement, the crowd-funding revolution, and lots of clever geeks.

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3D printers in offices: a must have or a nice to have?

The hype and excitement around 3D printing hasn’t slowed down in the past few years and it’s not showing signs of easing off anytime soon. Some experts say that every household will have a desktop 3D printer in the next ten years. But before they end up in everyone’s home, we will probably see these machines in 3D printing shops, cafes, and offices.

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The race is on to get 3D printers into schools

Ultimaker’s open source and MakerBot’s closed source 3D printers are making their way into schools.

Ultimaker’s CREATE initiative in UK schools

Ultimaker GB is launching 3D printing school initiative CREATE at the Education Innovation Conference in February 2014 with the aim to get a 3D printer in every UK school.

3D printers

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Break the Mould wrap up

Now that we have had a chance to take a deep breath after the Brighton Digital Festival, we have put together a few thoughts, facts and figures about our 3D scanning and printing art installation.

We managed to pull off Break The Mould in partnership with tech start-up 3Dify and Italian artist Emilia Telese in a very short period of time (approx. four months). It was an interactive installation where people could walk inside a giant womb to get scanned and digitised, and then watch themselves being ‘reborn’ on a 3D printer as a mini sculpture.

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3D printing mini sculptures of yourself – a new trend spreading like wildfire?

PLEASE NOTE: We are now fully booked for the Brighton Digital Festival! You can still visit the installation and see a 3D body scanner and 3D printers in action, but unfortunately, we don’t have any spaces left to get people scanned and print little figures of them.

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With the help of Italian installation artist Emilia Telese and some technological wizardry from 3Dify, Developing Dreams are dragging the concept of the photo booth kicking and screaming into the age of 3D printing and low cost 3D scanning.

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Developing Dreams to Break the Mould

We are getting very excited about Break the Mould, our interactive 3D printing installation. We have been working with Brighton based Italian artist Emilia Telese and tech wizards 3Dify on this.

People will be invited to walk into a 3D body scanner in the shape of a giant woman’s body to get scanned and get a small sculpture of themselves printed. The installation will make its debut at the Brighton Maker Faire on 7 September and will be on tour during the Brighton Digital Festival: Continue reading